LingoDeer Learn Korean, Japanese or Spanish Android App Review

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LingoDeer Learn Korean, Japanese or Spanish Android App helps you learn foreign languages in ten different languages. This makes learning new languages pretty easy. The app helps you learn English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and many more in your local language. Learning new languages is a great asset and it increases your chance to survive in a good way when in new country. There are also immense job opportunities when you learn a foreign language. The app is designed by professional language editors. You just need to register as a member to access all the course.

Learn Languages With Ease In Your Local Lingo

LingoDeer Learn Korean, Japanese or Spanish for Android is an easy to use, simple app that teaches you alphabets, pronunciations, vocabulary, travel phrases, grammar and many more pertaining to a language. You just need to spend ten minutes per day to listen to the lessons, attend exercises. The app will train you in understanding, reading, speaking and writing in a new language. You can learn all languages in English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Russian. You can learn these languages without any assistance. You will get detailed grammar notes to understand how the language is used.

The LingoDeer Android App has voices from native speakers that will help you understand the pronunciation. It covers more than 2000 most frequently used words and phrases. You can use the app offline mode without the internet. The app has interactive exercises that target different skill levels. The app uses flash cards to review and reinforce concepts so you can memorize new words and build vocabulary.


LingoDeer Learn Korean, Japanese or Spanish Android App is an immersive experience that allows you to learn new languages quickly. You just have to use the app while you are travelling to a foreign country to understand the local lingo. The app keeps developing and updates itself with new languages regularly. You can have quick access to Italian and Russian travel phrases. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe fir additional languages and professional guidance.

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