Lucidchart iPhone App Review

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Lucidchart for iPhone is a great tool used for making flowcharts, process flows, network diagrams, wireframes and any such diagrams. It is one of the simplest ways to build diagrams with cloud based service adding to its flexibility of use and share. A visual platform for collaboration, Lucid software developed and released the software in 2008 and soon became a major competitor for Microsoft Visio and it has more than 8 million users.

Build Charts & Diagrams Easily

Lucidchart for iPhone makes it simple to build your thoughts into your smart device. You need to start with a template and then drag and drop elements to create the chart. You can choose from the various prebuilt templates and shapes. Drag appropriate objects and drag it into the templates. Add appropriate text. The size of the objects will increase automatically as you type the text. The spell check feature is performed by default. The app lets you add pages and layers to the diagram. This helps simplifying complex diagrams. These multilayer diagrams can be linked together and displayed in a particular manner. Create organizational charts on extensible canvas.

Lucidchart iPhone App Review

With data encryption, robust back up and secure data centres guarantees highest security of data. Step by step tracking of diagram building helps you reverse any change and also find who, when and how the changes have been made to the diagram. You can remove clutter on the chart by tapping the Clean Up Layout button to make it look more organised and appealing. It helps as just all the parts and removes clutter.

Flowchart Diagram Visio Viewer App

Lucidchart iPhone app has great features and robust tools used for creation that is both easy to use and has multiple applications. One of the best flowchart app, it is available for both iPhone and iPad. Not just flowcharts, but helps you draw any type diagrams to cater to your needs. Technical drawings, Venn diagram, wireframes can all be created quickly and with ease. The app is free to download for a limited version. To upgrade to basic or professional can be done through the in-app purchases.

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