Mahjong Connect Android Puzzle Game Review

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Mahjong is one of the addictive puzzle games that the world loves. Mahjong Connect for Android provides a unique way to play around with Mahjong tiles, wherein your goal is to find the correct match for each tile. You can download Mahjong Connect app for free from Google Play Store.


Mahjong Connect app for Android is a fun skill building tile game. In the game, tiles are stacked at different levels in each level, and it is up to the player to find the correct match for each tile. Mahjong is known among players for its ability to induce a Zen type state for those who play it. It also builds on problem solving skills because it requires the players to plan out moves in advance to allow for the highest possible number of matches following the current move. Once you enter the game, you’ll be prompted to select level one. You’ll be progressed to the next level on the completion of each level. In this version of the popular Chinese Mahjong game, you have a timer and points counter as usual. However unlike most games, this one allows you to shuffle your tiles a certain number of times. This is a really cool feature because if you get stuck on a level, you will have a certain amount of chances to try to beat the level, rather than just getting frustrated and giving up on it and starting a new one.

Mahjong Connect Android Puzzle Game Review

The game has lots of levels to play. So it is virtually impossible to get bored by playing Mahjong Connect, no matter how long you play the game. Compared to other versions of Mahjong, the tiles here light up when they’re matched correctly, and this prevents possible confusion to the players. The graphics is decent. The app is also stable and responsive. Mahjong Connect requires Android OS 2.3+.


Mahjong Connect app for Android is addictive. Once you get a hang of the game concept, you can easily spend hours on end on the smartphone solving the levels. The game play is challenging and competitive. But it is nevertheless relaxing. If your idea of unwinding is about solving puzzles, Mahjong Connect for Android perfectly fits the bill. This version of Mahjong is pretty colorful as well.

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