Mail Plus – Daily Mail iPhone App Review

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Mail Plus – Daily Mail is an iOS platform application designed for iPad and iPhone which contains the digital edition of the newspapers such as the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. It features all the contents in the newspaper in a “newspaper format”. The app comes under the category of news and it supports only English language. This app is a free download but for reading newspapers and getting other features the user’s needs to subscribe this app. Subscription charge is about $13 per month and the user cannot cancel the subscription during the active subscription period.

Read Mail 7 Days a Week

Mail Plus – Daily Mail for iPhone provides the newspapers with all contents including magazines to the device every day morning at only half the price of the printed newspaper. The Mail Plus app for iPhone newspaper edition includes more content than the printed edition newspaper such as:News, Sports, features etc in addition videos, galleries and a photograph that shows 360 degrees. The audio edition at weekend magazine every Saturday provides recipes, weekly horoscope etc. It also contains the seven day TV guide and also gardening guides. The puzzles makes a competitive fun interesting element to the edition. The puzzles include crosswords and Sudokus and games for winning prizes also included in the Coffee Break section. The TV guide provides what is on the television on that particular day. On Sundays, Britain’s best weekly magazine for women “You” is available. A new sub- section called “The Way We Were” is introduced to make a nostalgic feeling to the old generation and an inspiring way for the new generation.

Mail Plus - Daily Mail iPhone App Review

The welcome page of the newspaper format contains an introduction plus sub-section lists which include news, features, sport, exclusives, weather etc. A tap on these sub sections will bring out the content in the sub sections with image and headlines. Then it includes pages like The 360 panorama, TV Plus: the Second Screen, Coffee Break Plus, and Sports Plus.


Mail Plus – Daily Mail for iPhone is a sophisticated innovative application which uses technology to a new level by introducing the newspapers into the digital format. Using the application the readers can read newspaper at any time. The daily newspaper will be available at 4 am GMT every day. It requires iOS 7.0 or later for proper functioning.

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