CropShop Android App Review

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CropShop is a user friendly free Android application which enables the user to post full images in social medias such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram with different blur effects and with beautiful filters. A user can modify their pics, make some portion blur or can add filters for their pics to make it attractive. The users can also rotate, flip their pic both horizontally and vertically for their convenience using this application. The user can save their finished image and also can share the pic directly through the Social Medias such as Facebook, Instagram etc.


After the installation of CropShop for Android, the user can select the pic that needed to be edited from the files, and then the user can add filters (if necessary) such as gleam, sallow, vintage, flame, sapphire, monochrome, infinity, swathy, aurora, enhance according to their likes. The image saturation and brightness can also be adjusted using the CropShop app. The blur effects include box blur, blur sides, white sides, black sides. In the next icon, the user can rotate the image, flip it horizontally and vertically options are available. There is a save icon where the user can save their images after modifying and can share it in social platforms directly.

CropShop Android App Review


The new version of CropShop for Android seeks permission for accessing the SD card of the device and also needs to have full network access. There is also no option for zooming the image in this application and only one photo can be edited at a time. This app is of smaller size and it is available for free from Google play store. It is a customization app which enables the user to add photos to their social media platforms without resizing and by adding required filters.

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