VidLab – Video Editor and Movies iPhone App Review

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A Video Editor is commonly found in almost all iPhones today. Thankfully, there are a number of options to choose from if you have an iPhone. However, if you want to create amazing videos and you are into getting into the nuances of video editing, then one of the best options that you have is VidLab – Video Editor and Movies iPhone app. Let us take a closer look at the app and check out its features so that you can how you can create amazing videos with this app.

Easily Make Amazing Videos

VidLab – Video Editor and Movies iPhone app is one of the most capable video editors out there. There are a whole bunch of features that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. For example, let us say that you are making a sort of a documentary or even travel vlog that needs narration; you can easily add your voice to the video with a few single clicks. Do you need to add sound effects or background music? Well, VidLab can do that as well! Apart from such amazing stuff, it has got the usual bells and whistles like photo slideshows, overlays and masks as well as animation, images and logos. VidLab is perhaps one of the only apps out there which would also allow you to add your own fonts. Now, you might be wondering how much such a thing would actually cost. Well, surprise, surprise! The app is free to use! However, you need to buy feature packs to use certain features. Let us take a quick look at some of the features that really make it stand out.

VidLab – Video Editor and Movies iPhone App Review

Notable Features

You can add sound effects and background effect to your videos
You can use the editing tools with just a few simple touches
You can share your videos with a single tap
Stunning video effects and filters


If you are looking for a reliable and professional Video Editor, then VidLab Video Editor for iPhone is just the thing that you need. It comes with each and every feature that you need. If you are an expert, you would love the app. Even if you are beginner, you would still love the app. So, download the app and create amazing videos in a quick and easy, yet professional way!

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