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Internet mobile security is a trick thing. With new hacking news hitting the headlines every other week, people are bothered than ever as to how far their mobile device is secure. Mobile Security Private Vault for iPhone attempts to assuage those fears by providing a private security vault to protect your phone and its data. You can download the app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.


Mobile Security Private Vault for iPhone comes with an assortment of features that let you navigate the web freely and securely. The app provides full protection for your Device, Data, Photos, and Contacts. It also provides a secure private web browser that secures your private information whenever you go online. The vault also covers you even if your iPhone is misplaced or lost. If this app is installed in your iPhone, you can quickly locate your phone’s location from any other browser. Thanks to the great iPhone camera, we tend to click lots of photos – of nature and other personal moments.

Mobile Security Private Vault app for iPhone let you keep your photos and contacts Safe with a Backup on your own cloud. So even if someone manages to open the lock to your iPhone, still they won’t be able to access your personal pictures saved away in the cloud or the device itself. The app also comes with an intelligent alarm system that prevents your iPhone from a sneaky robber. The UI layout is user friendly. You can access the different options easily. The app also supports foreign languages including Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, and Spanish. Even though the app is a free download, you got to sign up for monthly subscription for $4.99 to use its various features. The subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of each term.

Final Take

Mobile Security Private Vault for iPhone provides all round protection to your iPhone. It comes with a secure browser to access the internet, an option to safely store your photos and contacts and an intelligent alarm system that will deter a potential robber. It is easy to set up the app, thanks to the friendly UI design. Support for multiple languages comes to the rescue of non-English natives. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for an all-in-one security app for iPhone.

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  1. Grace. says:

    I can not find the place where I should
    unsubscribe that’s the reason for this
    contact I am requesting cancelation of
    the three (3) days trail app I download
    today and any and all subscriptions there
    after If this is not the place to cancel the
    subscription Please forward this to the proper location or please forward to me the location where I cancel the trail subscription Thanks
    I can cancel Thanks

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