Paper By FiftyThree App Review

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Have you always been in need for paper and pen to jot down important facts and figures? Then you can always forget carrying one when you already have it in your mobile phone. Paper by FiftyThree for iOS allows people to take down important points and notes at anytime and anywhere. This award winning app can also made your perfect pal when boredom shows up, as you can doddle to your heart’s content within this one. Already sounding like fun? Then let’s go through this one to know more.


A digital notebook is the greatest contribution by the virtual world. Not only because it is stylish, but also because it saves paper! All you need to do is have Paper by FiftyThree app in your hand and be ready to take down important things. If you need to chart the progress of your company or suddenly need to draft out a business plan, you can easily reach out for your phone and start tapping on it to get your job done within minutes! Yes, life has never been this good! There are no complicated settings or irritating distractions. All you have are your thoughts and a virtual paper to get them to life. Think Kit is a superb original kit in addition to the other original tools like Draw, Sketch, Outline, Colour and Write. So, make easy and complex diagrams, charts and wire frames with smoothness and ease.

Paper By FiftyThree App Review

Are you thinking about missing the ‘real’ feel? You need to worry about that because with the integration of great Surface Pressure Technology, you can get to feel the pencil work smoothly and like the way you really conduct sketches and draw lines. The palm-rejection technology allows you to place your palm on the surface and not worry about rubbing off whatever you had earlier written. The controls are easy to remember as they are simple. Blending can be done with the use of your finger, erasing can be done with easy flips and writing is of course as easy as writing itself! Paper by FiftyThree for iOS app is free. But the best news is that there is also no need for in-app purchases. Cloud backup, paper tools and security is provided without any in-app purchases. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.


You need time to set your hands on Paper by FiftyThree iOS app and that is probably the best thing about it. Without being as skillful as an artist you can easily do some great work on the app. There is also complete provision for easy online sharing. You can share your work right after completion and make new connections as you please.

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