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PUBG Mobile for A.droid a gaming app that lit the world on fire by its game frenzy users. Player Unkowns Battleground or PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of popular PC/console battle royale style shooter game. About 100 players take part in this last man standing game where you fight for survival in an island. You either kill or be killed is the mantra and the game is pretty violent.You fight against other players and please have in mind nobody is your friend. You have to use variety of realistic weapons such as rifles, machine guns and crowbars.

Fight your heart out for this survival of the fittest game

PUBG Mobile for Android you play as mercenary as you parachute into an island with 99 other players. It is a last man standing death match that initially begins in a larger area but quickly keeps shrinking due to an electric storm around the island collapses it forcing players to come together. The game play is pretty simple. You land in an island with 99 others and you are given a chance to collect weapons, ammunitions, armor and other supplies. You will have to fight it put with your friends and the last man standing wins.

The mobile version has almost the same features as its desktop console. The place is erangel, an abandoned eastern European 8 km × 8 km island with a military base. You can login as guest or using your Facebook account. As you play and proceed you get daily reward points that will earn you battle points that can be spent on ammunitions. The game has an inbuilt voice though you will find players using the in built chat and microphone to converse with other players.


PUBG Mobile game for Android is Google Play’s biggest deal with plenty of exclusive packs on the offer for a limited period. You are running around like a scavenger trying to locate weapons, vehicles and supplies in the process defeating every player on the way. A real battleground that keeps shrinking forcing players to come together within a restricted play zone. The app is free to download with in app purchases and ads.

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