Scanner Lens: Scan to PDF iPhone App Review

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Scanner Lens: Scan to PDF for iPhone is a camera scanner software that transforms photos captured with our phone’s camera into PDF, JPG, and TXT formats. It allows us to export scanned data to other application or cloud storage. ScannerLens is the best document scanning software available, allowing us to scan, save, and share any document in JPG, PDF, or TXT formats in only a few clicks. Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the camera scanner app achieves a remarkable 95 percent recognition accuracy. For document storage and repurposing, the high-end scanner provides us precise control over image correction, image quality, and optical character recognition (OCR).

Best PDF Document Scanner App

Scanner Lens: Scan to PDF app converts our iPhone/iPad into a portable scanner that can scan paper documents or photographs into PDF/JPG/TXT formats, whether it is a paper document or a whiteboard image. This is a significant feature upgrade for existing ScannerLens customers who could previously only export as PDF/JPG OR TXT, rather than both. The ScannerLens app feels like a ready-to-use hardware scanner that automatically does bi tonal image processing, such as blob removal and distortion correction, so we can obtain sharp and clear photos whenever and wherever we choose. We can give our scanned document a password/pin so that it is protected from unwanted access and can only be opened by people who know the password. We have two options for scanning our signatures with the clever document scanning app: sign immediately or sign on the paper and then remove it. Because of its great appreciation for users, the ScannerLens app provides an unrivalled user experience. They made certain that the product they produced is simple to use for education, work, and everyday life.

Scanner Lens Scan to PDF iPhone App Review

User friendly design

For users with colour vision insufficiency, Scanner Lens: Scan to PDF iPhone app features a user-friendly UI design, with filters and an app design tailored for a better user experience. The document scanner software organises files into clear, archival folders that are divided into several major categories. Before exporting, the PDF files can be sorted. The mobile scanner software converts documents into clear and sharp image/PDF files that can be emailed, faxed, printed, or saved to the cloud. The ScannerLens app recognises the significance of user experience and fills in the gaps in terms of functionality and usability. ScannerLens is a free software to download and use. However, in-app purchases are required to use the premium features of this paper scanner software.

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