Songkick Concerts Android App Review

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Get closer to your favorite artists, their concert dates, when they will be performing in a city next to you and more with this great musical app. Songkick Concerts for Android makes easy for music concert lovers to go ahead and book your ticket as you get to know the exact date and time of the concerts your stars will be performing. The best part is that it also has alert feature to let you know of the latest news of your artists.

Great Music App

You can track bands via their website or use the app and get alerts on the go and be the first to know about the best shows in your place. There are about 6 million concerts or festivals which are currently listed on Songkick Concerts app. This makes it famous among 15 million music fans currently using this app. The app scans through your last FM library and Google Play Music Library, after which it locates your area and present with all the upcoming tour dates of your favorite artists you have been listening to. Once you find the concert of your choice, just mark the date to the calendar. SongKick app supports Apple Calendar, Google Calendar and Outlook. Also use its feature Track Event or I Am Going options to get in to the Plan Section. Whether you are a frequent concert goer or just a one time user, SongKick Concerts never fails to serve you well.

Get it App

If you are a music fan who wants to be in touch with all the latest music tours of your favorite bands, then go ahead and download Songkick Concerts Android app and get in touch with all the latest updates. SongKick has become a go service provider whenever the idea of attending a live music show enters in to anyone’s head.

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