Spikko App or iPhone Review

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Spikko for iPhone will come handy to business travelers, international operators and even dodgy types who want to stay under the radar. The app virtually turns your phone into a global call switchboard, allowing you to create fictitious landline numbers to make/receive calls. You can get Spikko for free from iTunes App Store.


Spikko app for iPhone let you to create virtual phone numbers from a large list of countries all over the world. In other words, users can register a local number in any other country and link it to a number they already have. Any calls made to such a local number will be forwarded to your phone. The Spikko rates are competitive at best and very simple to use with everything clearly spelled in English.

Spikko App or iPhone

Even though Spikko is free to download, it is worthless without a paid subscription. Charge couple of dollars into your account and the world will be within your reach until that cash runs out. Once loaded, it is pretty easy to set up international landline accounts, set your ongoing contact ID, and start chatting with your overseas contacts. Your international number will be displayed on the recipients’ phone while their outgoing calls are forwarded to your iPhone. Spikko for iPhone is pretty user friendly. The design is impressive and the sign up process intuitive. Once you get going, everything works like a charm. There seems to be no waiting time for the calls to get connected. You can access all your contacts from within the app. It is also very easy to switch between numbers while placing an international call.


Spikko app for iPhone can be particularly useful for startups who want to be contactable in a country wherein they don’t have a physical presence yet. Setting up a Spikko number in any country is a cake walk. Subscription for a local number costs some money. Once you have a local number, calls made to that number will be forwarded directly to your phone. You can also make outgoing calls for relatively cheaper rates. Since it is a GSM based technology, internet connection is not required. Check it out if you’re a business executive, student or someone who owns a start up with a potential international clientele.

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