Tingz.me App for Android Review

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Google Play Store has millions of apps. Finding a suitable one in it is difficult unless you know an app by its name. How many times have you tried searching for an app and all you got was an endless list of irrelevant results? Here is an app, Tingz.me for Android that makes things a lot easier for you by recommending great new apps at the right time and place. You can get Tingz.me – Discover great apps Android application for free from Google Play Store.


Tingz.me app for Android is a discovery platform that makes recommendations based on what you like and what you’d searched for. On firing up the app, it’ll show you a cursory set of recommendations. Then on the app works on the background and occasionally toss you apps that might be useful to you based on your interests. You can opt to accept or reject the suggestions. While tested, Tingz.me for Android fairly well. Depending upon the apps installed in the phone, it had tossed up quite a few suggestions that were relevant. We’d reviewed a social networking app recently, and one of the suggestions was an SNS app. It appears that Tingz.me for Android works as promised, but need to give it time to figure things out for itself. The recommendations initially, just after installation, could be limited.

Tingz.me App for Android

The UI of Tingz.me app for Android is simple, but terribly dated. App icons might appear in low resolution in some phones, and it certainly affects the user experience to an extent. In terms of performance, it is pretty stable and responsive. The app suggestions appear in a neat tabular format.

Final Thoughts

Most of us might not have the time and patience to periodically search Google Play Store some compelling apps. Tingz.me app for Android does the job automatically behind scene by recommending apps based on your interests. Even though Tingz.me does change anything dramatically for you, it certainly frees you from wasting time on pointless app searches. The app is stable and responsive. The UI is below par. Check it out if you are looking for a utility that automates app search to a certain extent.

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