The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown iPhone App Review

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The Bump iPhone App is a pregnancy app for first time moms. It is quite exciting and thrilling moment when you are pregnant for the first time. You are not aware of so many things, there are so many people to advice you and you are scared and unsure all the time. It is natural and ok to have a lot of questions and you want to learn how this phase is going to be. The Bump provides you an easy way to find information and it will be tailor made to suit your need. It is like having a constant companion who is equally excited about your pregnancy.

Celebrate your baby bump with this innovative app

The Bump app for iPhone is one of the best app for first time moms. The app prepares every mom to be for the one of biggest moment in their life and it is a pretty exciting journey. It has a planner for doctors visit and medication. Suggest questions you may want to ask the doctor. An interactive 3D visualization of the baby’s growth excites you to no end.

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown iPhone App shows weekly growth of the baby.Daily articles with informative and interesting facts and other award winning editorials can be read at leisure. You will get accurate answers to all your questions. The teams responsible for answering are experts in this field including doctors.


The Bump Pregnancy Countdown app for iPhone is pretty good. It is informative and helpful with enough and more details on your d days. It is most useful for women who have very little knowledge on pregnancy. The app gives you unbiased facts about your condition and it is based on the symptoms and sicknesses you feel each trimester. The count down excites you and all along you will have big and small questions that are answered precisely by the app. All explanations come with examples and illustrations. You get to read 3 to 4 new articles daily and also send you notifications on what needs to be done. The app is free to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

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