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Animation Desk iPhone app lets you create freehand animations. You want to animate, create storyboards or sketch an artwork, this app is for you. Are you professional animators, Youtubers or an art aficionado. Use Animation Desk app, to create what you have in mind. The app has generous set of tools and brushes and other features that are similar to the tools used in other professional animation applications. Those who are not technically skilled or do not possess any drawing abilities can also create wonders with this app. Quite useful for students and professionals alike. Teachers can use this to create interesting learning materials to have a great learning session.

Become an animator and create wonderful magic

Animation Desk iPhone app has a very familiar interface that is similar to other apps of this nature. It is of great advantage as you know what and where and get hooked with the app instantly. It is frame by frame animation and has onion skinning and about nine layers to help you with. There are about 46 brushes and you can also use Apple pencil and other Styluses to draw. Combine single animation sequence to create storyboards or flip books. Tag or give comments on each frame.

The animation desk app for iPhone helps to import files from Photoshop in its native form in different layers. You can also import videos and create rotoscopic images or line drawings. Export these files as mov, gif, psd, pdf. Add music to make it more interesting. Replay and also view the animations backward.


Animation Desk iPhone app is a lot of fun when you become an avid creator of animations. The app just gets you ready for the role of an animator. It is a beautiful app to work with. You will be amazed what can be created out of this app. Make good looking animations, share it with the world and surprise your friends.The app is freeto download and use. The free version does have most of the tools you need but there are additional features available for subscription through in app purchases. There are no ads.

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