HAGO Android App Review

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HAGO is a free android app that provides users to play different interesting games with friends and others around the world. The application consists of many addictive games and also new games are been updated every week. The app requires active internet connection for game play as all the games have been designed as online multiplayer games. The chat rooms allow the users to communicate with each other, helps to make new friends etc. While playing games with friends, we can have a voice chat with them about the gameplay. The multiplayer games can accommodate from 2 to 10 players at a time.

How it works

The interface of HAGO android app game is simple and user friendly. It consists of different games to choose from and also an option to invite people who is nearby to play games with us. We can sign in into the application by using our Google, Facebook or by using our mobile number. The home page includes more than 20 attractive games for the users to play with. We can connect our contacts to play with people in our contacts list who plays games in Hago. The profile section includes our nickname, birthday, gender and other details about us and also we can add suitable profile picture to make us easy to distinguish for others. We can also invite friends, view others profiles, change language etc. using the app.

The HAGO app for android offers smooth game play with real time scores of the opponent/ opponents and the winner has been awarded with coins or points after each match or game. The graphics for each game has been of good quality and most of them were really addictive ones too. Each game is designed to end in a short span of time usually approximately around 3 minutes. We can visit other layers profiles, chat with them, view their bio, invite them to play games, like their profile etc.


The HAGO android app has been developed by Hago Games and it consists of ads placed by the developer. It requires permission to access our device contacts, location, microphone to record audio etc. It also contains in app purchases and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Overall a great platform to play games with friends, chat etc.

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