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StarMaker Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers Android App where we can start singing with karaoke, record our songs, videos etc. It holds a collection of large number of songs in local languages and also we can add our local tunes too. We can either sing a song by ourselves or can join with other users in the app to have a duet. There includes camera filters and also voice editor to enhance our sound. The lyrics card, adjusting the pitch, sound etc. are also available at the time of song recording. We can also play others recordings, view their profiles, like, comment and share their creations etc.

How it works

After the successful installation of the StarMaker singing app for android the user can choose the default language or our local language. For creating our profile, we need to provide our phone number or Facebook, Google etc. After creating profile, we can navigate through the song collections which includes recommended, hot, trending, new songs etc. We can either select a song to sing by our self or can have a collab with other users. The bottom tab consists of different icons such as moment which includes the popular creations, our following friend’s creations and of those who were nearby locations. In the party icon, we can join in rooms, sing songs and also hear others songs etc. The message icon includes the friend recommendations, friends, comments and also messages from others. The last icon is our profile which includes our ID, followers, followings, songs etc.

The StarMaker android app has VIP package that can be accessed by paying a fixed amount of money on yearly or monthly basis. It has many advantages such as we can sing unlimited songs, VIP tag, create our own songs, priority etc. The functions daily task includes credits for daily check-in and other interesting activities. Take the mic function provides a room to have a match with our friends or random individuals. Rankings are been awarded after every session and many other attractive features are added. Vocal talents session involves the collection of the most picked vocals by the users in a week.


Overall StarMaker Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers Android App is a great for all music lovers and also a great platform to showcase our talent in front of the world. The app requires permission to access our contacts, location, storage etc. VIP purchase can be done to enjoy more privileges and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

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