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YouTube Go Android App is designed to work in areas with low connectivity or absolutely no network. This version of YouTube focuses more on downloading than streaming, so much that, it displays the file size even before you play the video. It is a downsized version of the original YouTube, with just the Home and Downloads tabs. You can watch just about everything without wasting data. It is quite useful when you are traveling. There is no way you could get connection everywhere and the best thing that can keep you entertained are videos you have downloaded.

A great solution for those who love all things videos

YouTube Go android app makes life easy. No extensive data needed and other frills of the original are not present. It is s single scrolling list of videos that you can thumb across up and down. Tap on a video to see a preview along with details of the file. Before you download a file, you have the option of selecting either base or standard quality. For both the types, the app will display the size.

YouTube Go app for android allows you to either play or download the selected file. The app doesn’t give you any default option. You can choose the size based on your phone storage and data. Thee is always a distinct difference between the quality of the files.


YouTube Go android app is made to work slow network connection, less storage and speed. It is for those who love to watch videos on the go, anytime and anywhere. Without any extra cost, watch videos how many ever times you want without any buffering. The download is fast enough and does not hammers your device. It just does not hangs your phone. It is like an everyday companion for those who are looking for videos as their entertainment option.It just not burden you with extra cost for data. It is maximum fun with limited cost.The app is free to download and use. There are no in app purchases. They do have ads.

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  1. D Ekka says:

    Nice article.. Its amazing..

  2. D Ekka says:

    Nice article.. Its amazing..

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