Top Hat Better Learning iPhone App Review

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Top Hat iPhone App provides a platform to assess and learn. It is a comprehensive package that can help you with teaching and learning. It is aimed at both teachers and students. It helps school teachers and college professors to create an engaging class environment and will also let them gauge the understanding level of the students. Students can prepare themselves for the class. Teachers can have a interactive session by asking questions and having discussions. This will help build a positive student teacher relationship. The way the app is utilized is utmost important as it is feature rich and empowers if used completely.

Teach and learn the most effective way

Top Hat Better Learning App for iPhone is a top learning app that helps you learn better. It has great collection of resources that can be viewed on smart device and laptop. Professors can have their lecture slides and that can be shared with students. Follow the professor slides with the app installed in your device. Respond to swedes and make the class interactive. Participate in in-app discussions with peers and professors.

Textbooks are available that is loaded with text, audio, videos and more. Tailor content that suits your requirements. All content are kept up to date. The Top Hat Better Learning App has assessments to test your knowledge level. Check out the homework and assignments. You will find graded and non graded assessment. Improve your knowledge with interactive assessment. Polls, tests, quizzes help you improve comprehension and retention. Read all the digital media any and anytime and sync them across all devices and laptops. Have a great learning experience.


Top Hat Better Learning iPhone app makes learning real fun. It helps you master the subject and connect with peers,professors and like minded communities. Stay connected with the content round the clock when in or out of the classroom. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developers.There are no in-app purchases available in the app.The app requires iOS 10 and above and is compatible with iPad,iPhone and iPod touch.

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