Vectornator iPhone App Review

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Vectornator iPhone App is a vector drawing app that is used to draw advanced design and can be used by everyone. It simply transforms your smart device into a creative tool that can be used by professionals and others alike. Anybody can create high quality illustrations, marketing materials, logos and interfaces. A perfect tool for amateur and professionals to design high performance rendering images in the comforts of your mobile phone. You can design anywhere and anytime and that is such an amazing experience. It integrates well with other design software including Adobe suite.For those who love a little bit creativity, this app provides immense possibilities to explore their skill. You can do pretty much anything.

Create a vector design easily, anywhere, anytime

Vectornator App for iPhone is a great way to design vector graphics. It is a unique, user friendly interface that brings about a high performance rendering software which can create amazing artwork. The translucent design will appear to float on top of the screen. The app supports use of Apple Pencil and can also work with other third party input devices. It brings together all the latest iOS technologies to create a powerful tool that can design and render live. It has a full set of design tools that you will find in any image editing tools.

Features like masking, grouping, alignment and color support of RGB, HSB, CMYK is available. Advanced vector and Boolean operations and you can import custom fonts. Import file formats like AI, jpg, png, pdf files and also export them. Multitask by splitting the screen.


Vectornator iPhone app is great and gives a lot of flexibility for designers and beginners alike.It gives optimal performance in most of the iOS devices, especially, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPhone 6s and later.The app is free to download and use and there are no in app purchases and no adds. There are no extra feature that you need to buy and the there is a strong team building and developing this free platform. There are constant updates from the developers and also engage the community.

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