Smarty Man Editor Android App Review

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Smarty Man editor and background changer android app helps to create amazing stylish photos of men using different effects and filters. We can also remove the background of the image and can change the color of the background by using the app. It can be used for both boys and men as a makeup tool to try new hairstyles, face change, beards, mustache, eyebrows etc. to make them more beautiful than before. The app can be used for pre analyzing our looks with different haircuts before been going for a haircut in a salon hence can chose the best one. Other attractive features of the app includes body builder, six and eight packs, chest and abs, suits and accessories etc. for men.

How it works

Smarty Man editor and background changer android app is filled with lots of attractive features for making ourselves more handsome and stylish. We can enhance the image by adjusting saturation level, contrast, brightness etc. Also can add stunning special effects, face filters, color effects to our photos. Another great feature of the application is that we can add amazing frames to our photos from different themed frame sets. When we add an image where our image is not been much focused or the background is been not good, using the app we can blur the background image or can erase or add a new one. We can add stickers, texts etc. also into our photos.

Smarty Man editor app for android consists of latest trending hair styles for both boys and men to make a try on it. The menswear photo editor feature consists of fashion suits for men such as formals, casuals, jackets, traditional dresses etc. which helps to add beautiful dresses to our photos. The eye editor tool is another attractive one where we can try different eye brow shapes, eye color for retinas etc. The men accessories kit in the app includes modern sunglasses, ties, chains, caps, stoles, ear rings etc. which hence helps to provide the best ever stylish image of ours. The color of the skin can be changed and pimples, dark spots etc. in the face can be also removed using the app. To become more muscular, the bodybuilder photo editor tool provides six packs and eight packs, abs, chest etc. Different varieties of beards and moustache, hair colors etc. has made the app a complete package for men grooming section.


Overall Smarty Man editor Android app is a must for all fashion conscious men to make them more handsome and also to make them aware of what all styles suites them the best. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and contains ads placed by the developers. The app has been developed by AppWallet Technologies.

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