X-VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy Android App Review

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X-VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy for Android helps you surf securely and also protects your online privacy. It gives a stable connection and is quick and responsive. Most useful for the net savvy and people who are concerned about their online privacy. The use of proxy server to surf the web limits the chance of any security and privacy threats. It is safe to use and X-VPN app keeps you updated with how each protocol has performed. With an optimized connection routing, you can get a complete surfing experience without any glitches or lagging.

VPN service that is unparalleled and free

X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy for Android is quite easy to use VPN service. It supports up to nine protocols and can connect up to five devices. There are about 5000 servers in about 50 locations. The app will set the fastest servers for you based on availability. The app supports commands and security tools including Kill Switch, DNS Leak Test and also IP checker. With X-VPN app, checking whether you have a DNS leak is very easy. All internet will be disabled if the X-VPN disconnects if you keep the kill switch on. Also check your IP details using these commands.

X-VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy Android App Review

X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy app also lets you run speed test to check the proxy servers. It perfectly encrypts and hides you and no third party ISP can find you out. They can also offer dedicated servers to stream for a particular site you like. The app currently has servers in Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Bahrain as well. It has stringent privacy policy and obeys the rules and regulation of the country. It also follows the local law on online privacy. They have staff to monitor the changes in these laws to protect the interest of all users. You can contact them through mail and will get response within 48 hours.


X-VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy for Android is one of the best VPN apps that most of them love to use. The app is free to download and use. It gives you unlimited connection but also has in app purchases that give you additional tools and data connection. A premium account can get you access to all the currently running servers.

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