Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Android App Review

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Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Android App let you open, read and edit pdf files.The app is quite intuitive with fast rendering of pdf content and syncing the files in cloud. It is an all in one app for anything concerned with pdf files. You read, annotate, sign and also share the pdfs with others. You can fill pdf forms, save it and send it to others. The app integrates well with Google drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. You can save and sync the pdf files with any of these cloud services. The app auto syncs as you keep editing the files.

Have a great tine with an easy handling of pdf files

Xodo app for android is an innovative one with so many features that makes using pdf file a simple task. While there are various pdf readers in the market, you might not find an application that can efficiently edits and renders them. Xodo is one of those apps. You can directly write on pdf files. Take notes on them, draw, type, highlight and underline text. You can open a blank pdf file and take down bits on them and save it. Open any Microsoft Office Documents and save it as a pdf. In real time annotate pdf files.

The Pdf reader offers a comfortable reading experience with night mode feature. You can easily get back to where you left off with bookmark feature. The table of content allows you to jump to the exact page where you want to read. Let’s you crop and fit to the desired size you want the page to be.


Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Android App is a powerful app that not just lets you read but also annotate and edit. You can type and draw on pdf files and take notes. With smooth navigation, it provides a fast and clean experience for its users. It is optimized to be used in tablet sand smart phones to make it a pleasure and an easy reading experience for the users. The appis free to download and use with no in app purchasesand ads.

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