Smart Receipts Android App Review

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Smart Receipts App for Android let you keep track of all your receipts and track expenses. It helps you manage finances at its best. There are at time you will lost scanning multiple bills and receipts and you never know what you missed as it does not tally. You will never face such a situation with this app. Smart Receipts, scans receipts and tracks mileage. It can also generate reports based on default data types like date, price, tax, payment method, receipt categories and also comments. With all this it helps you create the perfect report with which you can have an understanding of your total expenses and also save a lot of time.

Handle expense through the smartest way with Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts for android is a intuitive app that turns your phone into a scanner that can scan receipts and turn it into an important data. It has over 20 different data types using which you can create customized reports. The app is so flexible and reliable. You can save hours by quickly managing the expenses and generating expense reports. You can create expense report folders and place the receipts accordingly. While generating reports, the app will categorize based on these folders.

You can take photos of receipts from your camera phone and then import it to app as well.
Import pictures, pdfs. Predicts data based on past expenses. The app supports OCR so reading receipts is made easier.The app can also track distance and mileage based on your travel.


Smart Receipts android app is quite useful and handy when it comes to dealing with your expenses. There is a lot of privacy when they deal with your expense data. The app can generate customized reports in pdf, csv and zip formats. It is quite easy to understand with good graphics and breakdown of expenditure. It is open source software and can be tweaked to how you want it to function. The app is free to download and use. There are in app purchasesfor additional features and ads.

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