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4Fun app is a free android app where we can watch funny and viral videos, make Whatsapp status, edit videos, share, chat etc. We can watch unlimited videos from the application in our local language as it has video of languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc. By using the application, we can share our creations such as video songs, funny videos, music videos etc. Follow others to view their posts and also we can chat with people who use the app. The video editing feature enables user to trim videos, add text, add stickers, filters, music etc. Hence we can upload our creations in the application or can share it among our friends. There is also a money earning opportunity using the app where we need to login and spread the app among our friends and groups. Each installation from our invite link provides us more income and it can be withdraw using our paytm account.

How it Works

The interface of 4Fun Android App is pretty simple and user friendly. We need to choose the language we prefer at the beginning and after that we can login into the application using phone number or Google account etc. The explore icon at the top featuring videos and posts of different categories such as love, whatsapp status, sports etc. We can search for videos, status or hashtags from the search bar. Also, in the profile section we can view our creations, followings, followers, likes etc. We can follow others, like their posts, chat with them using the application.

By clicking the video icon at the bottom of the 4Fun Android App, we can chose videos from our gallery or camera for editing such that video can be cropped, add music from device or from the collection in the app, add stunning filters, themes etc. Also can create amazing slideshows by choosing different images from the device. If we like a video, we can share it through whatsapp and other social platforms, download, like and also can comment on it. We can also view others profile, videos and also can follow them if we wanted to view more such sort of videos.


The 4Fun App for Android is been developed by Fantastic Team and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. It consists of advertisements placed by the developers and also it requires permission to access camera, contacts, location, storage etc. This app is a great platform to create, view and share videos across different social platforms.

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