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| November 6, 2010

HulloMail app offers to the users an easy way to send, receive, and share your voice mails, alongside an instant voice messaging utility where you can send voice messages to mobile smartphones and email. HulloMail BlackBerry app is free, and works well with almost all email providers today.

How HulloMail BlackBerry App Works? Technically, HulloMail replaces the standard voicemail in BlackBerry. Also, the app gives you many options to listen to the voicemail, especially if you’re away from the phone or while you’re traveling, and you don’t want to pay to listen to the message. When BlackBerry HulloMail mobile application handles a voicemail for the user, he/she will receive an email with an MP3 attachment. The said file can be listened to from the email software in the user PC, in the BlackBerry, go to the webpage, or call from any phone and listen to the message in the conventional way. Since the message is received as an email, you could forward it to others, send the other person a text reply, or even send a voice message back, if the sender is already in your BlackBerry address book. If the other person is not using HulloMail, the message will go to their email inbox. On the other hand, if the contact only has their phone number, the app lets you send an SMS instead in that number.

The recording feature is simple as the user got only two buttons to operate on the screen – one for recording and the other one to play the recorded message. The app also gives to the user an option to re-record if they’re not satisfied with the first recorded message. Also, with BlackBerry HulloMail app, you’ll get quick access to media playback, speaker control for enhanced privacy, call return, and the ability to easily change your greetings/settings. Setting Up HulloMail app is downloadable for free. The set up is easy and straight forward. You still need to select whether to take contacts from Gmail or BlackBerry (if you’ve got lots of contacts, this process will take sometime), and set up the email to receive voicemails. New messages in the app will have a tiny yellow dot. For listened messages, this dot vanishes.

Conclusion HulloMail is a useful app to have in your BlackBerry, if you use voicemail often. This app comes really handy if you’re traveling, and you don’t want to pay for taking calls. Since you could listen to voice messages via email/web, it does not matter even if your phone is switched off or you’re in an area where there is no network coverage. For more information on the HulloMail app, visit the HulloMail website.

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